Don’t Miss Great Treasures of Caribbean Sea. Why didn’t Captain Jack Search for Conch Pearl?

June 01, 2017

Don't miss great treasures of caribbean sea. Why didn't captain jack search for conch pearl.

Pirates of the Caribbean dead men tell no talesAfter 6 long years, the wait has ended and we can once more see our favorite pirates (specifically Captain Jack but no hard feelings to the rest) back on the big screen on a hunt for trident of Poseidon, bounty or the treasures that the layers of ocean hide amongst them.

pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack sparrow

“Pirates of the Caribbean 5” has been released and with it are brought back tonnes of good memories and humorous quips that we associate with our beloved Captain Jack. 

Johnny Depp

We were a bit worried at first when we saw Johnny Depp all out of shape during the break between the movies, but being a superstar he knows what is best for him, his reputation, and his pocket! He’s back to looking and behaving like the eccentric Sparrow we are so used to and we couldn't be more excited!

pirates of the caribbean black pearl

The story of the famed movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” can quite easily be summarized to a central idea: Captain Jack sets out to sea to hunt for precious treasures by the side of the Black Pearl.

pirates of the caribbean

But what treasures has he set out to look for exactly? Because the mysterious ocean houses invaluable treasures so numerous in amount that it is difficult to approximate an aggregate for all the riches that lie beneath the dark waters. They are simply infinite.

pirates of the caribbeanpirates of the caribbean

Now it all depends on what you consider to be a treasure: whether it is a box full of gold coins or the famed fountain of youth whose water will grant you immortality and youth for a lifetime.

conch pearl treasure of Caribbean sea

But ARTDOU thinks that the true treasure of the ocean is no bigger than a pebble- the conch beads are arguably the best jewels the ocean has to offer!

beautiful scenery of Caribbean sea

While we know the Caribbean to be famous for its notoriously good looking and clever pirates, it is also home to the incredible conch beads and pearls that are like no other.

conch pearl of caribbean sea

A conch pearl is in fact made from the secretions of a mollusc found in the marine ecosystem known as the Queen conch. As an irritant enters the snail, it begins to produce secretions around it that are calcareous in nature. These fibres and crystals accumulate around it to form a pearl like structure. The conch pearl, however, is not made of nacre, a substance of which most other pearls are made of. This makes it rather unique and unparalleled in nature. Another factor owing to its uniqueness is that it is not produced and subsequently found as commonly. With less than 900 of these obtained per year, and the inability to recreate these through artificial means translates into the high value and prices in the market of these remarkable little riches.

conch pearl of caribbean sea

The mild weather and warm sunshine of the Caribbean bathe the conch pearls in a glow and tends to them with care.

conch pearl of caribbean sea

Depending on the color of the shell of the snail, the resultant conch pearls are produced in a variety of colors. The palette ranges from a brownish golden, to chocolate brown, to yellow and beige, and to the extremely valued pink. While brown conch pearls are not given as much importance, the pinks are treated with the utmost reverie.

conch pearl of caribbean sea

These pink conches are generally also the most expensive ones. The pink may range from a bright and brilliant shade down to a subtle salmon color, all looking equally beautiful regardless of the changing hues. However, the color may become so concentrated in some beads that it is referred to as being red in color, and these striking beads are generally the most anticipated as well.

conch pearl jewelry

The conch pearl seems to be hiding a certain hint of magic in the layers upon layers of crystallized fibers that are arranged in concentric circles to give rise to the existence of this exquisite bead. These boast a characteristic flame like pattern when they are subjected to magnification or simply stricken with a beam of sunlight. It looks as if the waves of the endless oceans have been microsized and saved inside the folds of this pearl to give it remarkable texture and personality.

conch pearl of caribbean sea

The utter uniqueness of this pearl makes it incredibly sought after. With the advent of aquaculture and most of the existing pearls able to be replicated and cultured and introduced to the market, their prices and value have dropped greatly. The complexity of the structure of the conch pearl, however, makes it uncopyable. So far, there are no cultured copies of conch shells available in the market and so jewelers are always on the lookout for these exquisite calcareous crystals that are extremely rare to find.

conch pearl jewelry

Tiffany & Co.

Sparking diamonds with pink couch pearl jewelries

conch pearl jewelryconch pearl jewelryconch pearl jewelry

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