Handmade Jewelry: The Graceful Enchantment of Silver

July 19, 2017

Handmade Jewelry: The Graceful Enchantment of Silver

Jennifer Lawrence is arguably among every other person’s favourite Hollywood actresses with all of her adorableness and awkwardness. And who doesn’t fawn over the dreamy eyes and handsome build of Bradley Cooper. To see them showing off their impeccable acting skills and incredible romantic chemistry in the Silver Linings Playbook movie is quite an experience.

Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper

The main character of Bradley Cooper in the movie, Pat, is a mental patient who is bent on setting his life straight and finding and grabbing all the ‘silver linings’ of life with both hands any chance he gets. This silver in the lining acts as an insignia to many little things in life, things that bring happiness and joy and breathe fresh air into the balloon of our fleeting existence.

Silver Linings Playbook movie: Jennifer Lawrence & Bradley Cooper

Jewelry has long since become an object of great significance as is seen by the fact that it is passed down generations and generations in family as so much importance has been associated to them. Such becomes the value of a simple piece of silver article that has become attached with a personal message or meaning.


Handmade silver jewelry is a spectacle like no other. The skill and craft that goes into the process is simply unmatched and the resultant product is  nothing less than the finest piece of art out on display for the world to see as the masterful artisan lurks in the shadows behind it.

Handmade jewelry

The shine and luster of the metallic silver as the occasionally rough surface varies into smoother territory and the rays of light slip on it as if it is butter gives these handmade artifacts an ethereal quality. The ones that have been oxidized black show depths unfathomable to a superficial mind. These necklaces and earrings are a combination of 925 sterling silver and natural freshwater cultured pearl, both of which sparkle and glint as they add a delicate glamour to a given persona.

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tree bark necklace by artdou design

handmade silver pearl necklace

Delicate rings of sparkling, hand-molded sterling silver latch onto each other to form intricate chains that house exquisite silver pendants on their ends, some emblazoned with classic tinted pearls and others embellished with elegant patterns in tainted silver metal. The metal is shaped into a palette of shapes and textures, some pendants taking the shape of uneven diamonds emblazoned with rough looking and feeling lines to give it depth and personality. Pearls hang off of gossamer strings of gleaming silver like the tears of heavenly angels frozen in time and space, as if they are stuck staring in surprise at the utter magnificence of the masterful artisan’s craft and skill that has resulted in the formation of something as exquisite as itself.

Handmade stud earrings

The silver metal has quite a homely yet elegant aura about itself. It is the perfect gift that encumbers all the love you hold for someone inside your heart and it is the perfect memoir to keep you aware of its sparkling and enchanting beauty. It is the token of cherishable moments such as huddling around a campfire for warmth as a bag of marshmallows gets passed around over stories of ghosts and horror claimed to be as real as the flames in front of you and the darkness of the night engulfing you and it is a token for the holidays spent surrounded by family and friends in the living room in soft socks and ugly Christmas sweaters. This silver is an emblem for brunches in the backyard with a beloved elderly, a peaceful walk on the sandy shore besides roaring, blue waters, and a night in with your significant other, snuggled up in a large blanket on the couch.

handmade earrings

handmade necklace

Something as elegant and sophisticated as handmade sterling silver jewelry decorated with an array of seemingly translucent, eggshell pearls truly seems surreal. Yet it is as real as the memories you create with those you love and the will to save these moments in an impenetrable silver box and keep them plastered to your chest forever.