Golden Bamboo Matcha Green Tea Whisk Chasen, Matcha Stirrer 100 Prong 百本立

  • Bamboo Matcha whisk is a tool for Japanese matcha green tea ceremony. It is made of precisely-cut bamboo block by handmade with strong and sustainable Golden Bamboo.
  • 100% Natural Bamboo – non varnish or polish -use safety,handcrafted about 76 fine tines to whisk, blend, and froth perfectly , is more convenient for making exquisite and rich matcha foam.
  • The tea whisk allows to mix matcha powder, water, and air into a nice frothy beverage, releasing aromas and essences in the foam on the surface. It is not only about dissolving the powder in water!
  • After soaked with hot water before the first use of matcha green tea stirrer, bamboo filaments will disperse, This is a normal phenomenon, not a quality problem.
  • Whisk up lump-free bowl of matcha everytime. A must-have for matcha lovers.matcha whisk chasen is about 4 inches tall & 2.3inches at it widest. Handle is about 1 inch wide.

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