China Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong 正山小种– Lightly Smoked Premium Black Loose Leaf Tea 125g

Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong translates as "smaller leaf tea from Original mountains". It is a lovely, sweet, gentle black tea. It is made of fine spring leaf and it's produce in protected, natural area deep in a mountain valley of the Wu Yi Shan, Tong Mu village and around. This is a UNESCO area so no pesticides or fertilizers can be used. Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong is produced in limited quantity each spring. It is beautiful, light and very refreshing. "

DRY LEAF: Small, twisted brownish-grey tea leaves with few golden buds. The surface is very matt and little hairy. Superb fragrance of lychee and pine needles.
INFUSED LEAF: Greenish-brown, small and sleek leaves with an aroma of moist forest ground and cardamom."

LIQUOR: Clear and bright cup of marmalade colour with a beautiful green rim. Aroma of sandalwood, pine needles and berries. Cup very smooth, mellow with rich taste of oak bark, roasted apples, soft sweet dates & berries . Amazingly balanced tea with no acidity a tiny astringency and long lasting cardamom finish. "

Black tea is 100% fermented, it has more caffeine than green tea. We suggest drinking the black tea during the day.
Because of the full fermentation, it contains less tea polyphenols, If you have stomach problems such as acid reflux, stomach ulcer, sensitive stomach ect., we suggest you drink more black tea and drink less green tea, oolong tea, or coffee." "

Storage: Store unused portions sealed in an airtight bag away from sunlight at 75℉/24C or below.
Brewing Tips:Suggest 5g tea with 300-350ml,99-100C/210-212℉ ​water soak 2-3 min to drink."

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