Enshi Yulu 恩施玉露 Loose Leaf Green Tea 50g

Composed of precious unripe buds and the youngest apical leaves, Enshi Yulu, literally "dewdrops of Enshi", is one of the most delicate green teas, as fresh as morning dew after the first spring rain.

The shape of the leaves is reminiscent of pine needles, and they are covered with very fine silvery fur, rich in amino acids from which the refreshing umami flavor derives.

Enshi Yulu is China' s only major steamed green tea to survive down to the modern day. This unique processing method gives the dry tea leaves a characteristically dark green, rich chlorophyll color. The aroma off the dry leaves is that of baked seaweed and buttered broccoli. When brewed, this aroma changes into something sweetly floral while still deeply vegetal. The brew is a green gold and the most notable characteristic of the mouthfeel is its deep umami sensation. In addition to the thick and viscous presence on the tongue, the brew has a nutty toasted rice taste with the sweetness of spring violets hidden among its creamy flavors.

Origin: Enshi, Hubei province,Flush: By the end of March each year, Pre-Qingming


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