Lu An Gua Pian Green Tea-Lu'an Melon Seed tea-六安瓜片 100g 3.5oz

Lu'an Melon Seed (Chinese: 六安瓜片)pronounced also known as Lu'an Leaf, is a green tea from Lu'an City, Anhui Province, China. This is a famous green tea and is listed on virtually all lists of famous Chinese teas. The literal translation for Lu'an Guapian Tea is Lu'an Melon Seed Tea.

Lu'an Melon Seed Tea's name is derived from the shape of the processed tea leaves, which are flat and oval and resemble a melon seed. Unlike most green teas which use the new buds in making tea, Lu'an Melon Seed Tea uses the second leaf on the branch. Each leaf's central vein is removed and the leaves are pan fried and shaped to stop oxidizing enzymes and dry the tea.

Known as a mild, sweet, crisp green tea with hints of smokiness, Lu An Gua Pian Tea(六安瓜片)is the result of a labor intensive picking style in which the farmers cut the pointy tip end and woody stem of each leaf creating indentically sized "melon pieces". Carefully groomed leaves are then pan fired at a slow bake over a charcoal fire and frequently turned to impart a delicate hint of smokiness. This tea is one of chinese top ten famous teas and originated in Anhui province in 1776 during the Qing dynasty.

Brewing Tips:Suggest 5g tea with 300-350ml,90℃/194℉ water soak 2-3 min to drink,can brewing about 3 times;

How to Storage:Keep it Dry and No Sunniness,storage in refrigeration more better.

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